Lovely Coffee Table Decor Ideas 01Lovely Coffee Table Decor Ideas 01

Nothing in decorating is as overlooked as the potential for coffee table décor. These small pieces of furniture are often the last thing thought of when looking for a way to freshen a room.

Often it is not necessary to buy all new furniture to make a major change. You can change the coffee tables themselves, change their arrangement or use them as a canvas to create a piece of art!

When it comes to choices in coffee tables, there really is no end to the possibilities. You can use them to accent the current furnishings, or choose a set that stands out. Whether they blend or pop will be entirely up to you and your style.

Bold coffee tables are those that are unique and catch your eye when you walk in the room. Take for instance a rolling glass coffee, this contemporary piece is oval shaped with smart polished tubular legs. The glass on the table waterfalls down in a tiered fashion, this table is one of the most unique pieces you will ever see!

Perhaps you fancy more sedate look for your home that does not mean it cannot be spectacular. Consider a Spanish Mission Style cocktail table. A dark wood and glass combination that sets upon scrolled ironwork is not only tasteful and elegant it is dramatic. Beautiful woodworking and rounded corners make this piece gorgeous and family safe!

Are you country at heart and long for the days of saloons and gingham? There is a style of coffee table décor for you as well. The round Desperado Coffee table will compliment the most rustic of styles. Constructed of reclaimed teak wood these tables are decay resistant and sturdy. The top is a full 41 inches around and sits atop a solid teak base that stands 20 inches high, there is even a drawer in the bottom to hide your pistol!

If you were not in the market for new table’s maybe, you would like to use what you already have to change the ambiance. A well-placed lamp along with a lacy doily can effect a softening of the room. Use tables as a place to display your favorite holiday pieces as well. Santa on his sleigh with a bit of cottony “snow’ for accent will put everyone in the holiday spirit.

Conclusion. Whatever your pleasure be it old or new do not overlook you the small pieces in decorating. Coffee table décor is a fun way to achieve a whole new look without breaking the bank!