Popular Small Home Bar Design Ideas 11Popular Small Home Bar Design Ideas 11

A bar has always been good enough for me. But, I have heard some people complain that there’s something missing or that they would like to do just a little more decorating.

Well if they focused on what the home bar is actually for, they might forget all those complaints. Nevertheless, I have some ideas that just might satisfy the need to do more to your home bar.

Glass holders don’t have to be elaborate. But, they are easy to put up and they can take up the entire bar if you want. I have one friend who has an entire collection of beer glasses on display around his entire home bar.

The way he did it was to purchase the shelving from his local hardware store. Shelving that is about two to three feet long and comes in singles is the perfect remedy. You can put them up in straight lines or you can stagger them at various heights around your entire bar where you don’t have beer signs, windows or anything else. Then, start your beer mug and beer glass collection putting collector’s items all around your bar.

I’m not talking about small rope you get to tie up your horse. I mean the larger rope you get to tie a huge vessel to the mainland. It’s about two inches in diameter and you need to figure out the length for yourself. But, it’s a nice addition to a window or a mirror.

Simply wrap a length of rope around the window or mirror and you have a brand new look. Be sure to tie off the ends in knots like the sailors do and maybe even purchase some net to add to the theme. It won’t hit your wallet too hard and you’ve just changed the face of your entire bar.

Yes, I have mentioned mirrors before. But, they really add a whole new dimension to a room. I love walking in stores that have a wall full of mirrors. It makes you feel like the room is twice the size. So, cover a wall with mirrors and see how much of a difference it makes.

I find it hard to believe that not many people have video games in their home bars. I’m not talking about the new video games that hook up to a television. I’m talking about the free standing games that pack the arcades.

Pinball has always been my favorite. Put in a pinball machine and watch your friends come over all the time to have a beer and play a few games. In my book, that’s a good thing. It all depends on who your friends are.

Put up a place for me to hold my beer and I am happy. But, some people need more than that. Using your imagination, you can come up with some great ideas that are all your own. The more unique and specialized your home bar is, the happier you will be.