Fabulous Halloween Theme Dining Table Decor Ideas 23Fabulous Halloween Theme Dining Table Decor Ideas 23

You’ve sent out the invites for a fun-filled Halloween dinner. You’ve got fun, dark and scary décor throughout your house. Now it’s time to go all out with the table setting.

This is the one table setting that should entertain, scare and make the meal memorable. A typical tabletop with seasonal pumpkins and gourds just won’t do. No, for this tabletop you need to bring a little fright to the night.

Let’s start with the beverages and how to serve them. Dry ice is your friend on Halloween. Almost regardless of what you are serving it can be poured into a low bowl with dry ice on the bottom. The dry ice will keep things cold but it will also provide a nice bit of fog flowing over your table. For the bowl, try and find something dark, ceramic and mysterious. People should wonder what the heck they are about to drink. Be sure and provide a ladle in the bowl for serving.

Half the battle for setting the mood is the lighting and for Halloween the darker the better. Colored light bulbs or colored lamp shades work well. Use a table lamp or two placed on your dining table and either deeply dim or turn off any ceiling lights. Remember, you never saw recessed cans in a horror movie. Using just candles can also be very effective. Deep purple and brown hues will complement the scary mood.

For mood music, be sure to get some old classic thriller songs with lots of pipe organs and dramatic sounds. If you want to have some real fun, attach a player under your table and have it play some screams, groans, cats fighting, wind rustling trees or wolves howling. Your guests will be surprised when they hear those strange noises coming from their dinner table.