Awesome Halloween Backyard Party Decorations Ideas 28Awesome Halloween Backyard Party Decorations Ideas 28

For many people the best part of Halloween is being able to decorate the outside of their home. This doesn’t have to be limited to just the front yard. Decorating the backyard can create a very spooky atmosphere.

You can even design a detour that will take each of your guests on a long walk that circles the backyard before leading them to the entrance. This way they get to enjoy the full benefits of your decorating efforts.

The traditional pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns make great additions when you decorate the outside of your home for Halloween. The light that these decorations give off will help your guest to see their way around and add the perfect lighting to create scary shadows that surround the other decorations. Ghost and goblins are an old favorite that can still make your guest look over their shoulder twice. Don’t be afraid to get very creative with these items. Some of the newer designs are now being made inflatable to help give them an even more lifelike appearance.

The use of a fog machine can create an illusion that can make your yard the spookiest of all. This is especially true when you litter the lawn with fake body parts and fake blood splattered all about the area. The fog just intensifies the whole spooky theme. Don’t forget about a special door bell ring that alerts you of the incoming guest with screams, howling or some other unique Halloween greeting. You can even have a host that is decked out in one of the scariest costumes around to stand outside your door to personally welcome each and every one of you Halloween guest.

Add special sound effects that will begin whenever your guest walks past a certain area. You can also use props that are programmed on a timer to go off at specific intervals. Spider webs are also a great decorating idea that will help you to create a spooky outdoor theme. Make sure that you don’t forget the customary black cat and maybe a witch or two sitting in the trees watching the guest wondering by. It’s just not Halloween without a few traditional items.