Fabulous Fall Backyard Party Decorations Ideas 09Fabulous Fall Backyard Party Decorations Ideas 09

Fall provides the perfect opportunity to get the kids out of the house, and enjoy many events in the sunshine! However, planning outdoor parties of any kind, can be a daunting task, simply because there can be so much to do, and so many things to think about.

Whether you are having an outdoor party for a birthday, family reunion, anniversary, baptism, or any other special occasion here are some brilliant ideas that you can use:

With bounce house rentals, concession rentals, and inflatable water slides, you are basically set for the party of a lifetime, and you don’t even really need to add much in terms of décor. However, you might want to consider hiring tables and chairs that you can set up outdoors under a canopy, and which you can decorate with ribbons and balloons.

This is ideal for kid’s birthday parties, where you can set the tables with plates, hats, and party packs for everyone. Aside from a place to eat, the party tables can also be set up around the area as craft stations. You can have a coloring-in section, a bead making section, cookie making station, or fairy wand creation station for girls. For boys you can offer coloring-in, robot making, model airplane creations, and more.

So, what else do outdoor parties need in terms of décor? Well, this will all depend on the theme. If you choose the sports themed bounce house for instance, for a sports themed party, you can enjoy decorating with plenty of ball shaped cut outs, place nets and hoops all around, and plan various friendly sports matches for the kids.

For girls, you could decide on the ballerina bounce house, and string up plenty of ribbons from anywhere possible to resemble the ribbons on ballet shoes. If you have access to tutus and costumes and you have a washing line strung across your backyard, you can string up all of these items which will look fantastic! You can also get in the fall spirit with browns, yellows and reds. Consider farm-themed decorations such as bales of hay or plates with farm animals. Collect up gourds and pumpkins and use as centerpieces for your table settings.

Outdoor parties would not be complete without healthy, fresh food. Think about “fall fair” that will fit in with the theme, but also opt for specific foods that are ideal for outside like candy apples, hot dogs or oatmeal cookies. With all the running around, jumping and sliding that will be going on, it is best to not offer anything hard or small that could get stuck in throats.