Gorgeous Home Office Design Ideas For Men 19Gorgeous Home Office Design Ideas For Men 19

Once a rarity, the home office is a landmark of our evolving culture. Many of us today work at home, at least part of the time. Putting some time and effort into your home office design can boost your creativity and productivity.

Whether you need a full-time office to run your freelancing or real estate business…or an efficient corner to pay bills, answer emails and lay out the family schedules, these design ideas will help you plan and create spaces that stimulate productivity, enhance creativity and allow you to work in your pajamas.

When I first met my husband, he was a young building contractor working out of a converted shed behind his house. Skylights flooded the painted clapboard room with natural light.

A sheet of finished plywood on sawhorses made a perfect drafting table, while door blanks set on file cabinets provided lots of desk space. Antique tools from second-hand stores and framed photos of projects lined the walls.

How about the converted mudroom behind your working kitchen? Hanging framed prints of clients’ homepages above your desk? Letting client presentations and botanical reference books add to the ambiance of your design?