The Best Country Style Interior Design Ideas 18

Country Style is a broad type of decorating style that can depend on a house’s geographical location, but is often embodied by basic, simple furniture, subdued color schemes, vintage-print fabrics and milk-paint finishes.

To learn how to create a contemporary country style in your home – one that is attractive and fits your lifestyle – keep reading for the basics of country colors, furniture, fabrics and accessories.

Subdued, muted colors that will show wear over time are the first step to creating a rustic, country feel. A more modern country design may use a vibrant color palette that utilizes accents of navy blue, black, white or red to offset the design.

Opt for simple, shaker style of furniture that’s primitive, but sturdy. Flea markets, old attics, thrift shops and antique markets are great spots to find treasures for your beautiful, country home. Overall, you want to look at pieces that have minimal ornamentation, simply painted finishes and basic, straight lines. Flourishes and European embellishments should be kept to a minimum.

When you’re picking fabrics for your window treatments and accent pieces, look for small or visually interesting prints that appeal to the era to which you’re trying to speak. Popular country patterns include floral designs, striped and checked patterns and anything on a basic calico. When you’re selecting fabrics, try to match large prints with smaller ones or louder fabrics with those that are more subdued.

If you’re using just two or three fabrics for accents, pillows, curtains and chair cushions, try to use them throughout the house. You’ll bring the color palette and your style scheme to every room with minimal effort, while still tying the house together.

Your accessories and other final touches will make your room and really pull the design style together. Look for homespun or handmade items to create a beautiful, rustic country-style. Touches like hand-woven baskets, beautifully carved bowls, primitive pottery or hand-forged metal fireplace elements are not only lovely to look at, but also functional. Look for hand-spun and knit or quilted accent blankets to build warmth and bring your color schemes together.