The Best Stone Tile Bathroom Ideas To Decorate Your Bathroom 32The Best Stone Tile Bathroom Ideas To Decorate Your Bathroom 32

As building materials become more affordable with widespread adoption, it is more common to find personal bathrooms looking like those that you see in a posh hotel.

The reason why it is possible to create such looks in personal homes is because of the clever use of materials such as natural stone tiles.

Ever walk into a hotel bathroom and wonder why you get such a grand feeling? That’s because the tiles are looking sparkling clean and have been well polished. In fact, you get the feeling that you are a VIP, walking into a luxurious room. Such is the feeling that homeowners are trying to duplicate in their own homes.

In general, there are four types of looks that you can achieve with natural tiles.

Look 1: Simple and smooth look. This is a contemporary look and is most ideal for modern bathroom designs. These tiles go best with modern bathroom vanities. They are smooth to touch and do not have complicated patterns on them. The only decision you have to make is the color. Choose something that will go well with the overall theme.

Look 2: Smooth tiles with patterns. An alternative to the first look is to use similar tiles, but with patterns on them. Patterns can be swirls that create a more elegant and classy look. Such tiles can help prevent the bathroom from looking too boring. Some homeowners like to use these tiles because they create a contrast with the simple looking bathroom vanities.

Look 3: Marble tiles for a more luxurious look. Whenever marble is mentioned, you immediately get an idea of how the design is going to look. That is because we have all been exposed to marble tiles – they are so widely used! The patterns are somewhat subtle. Hence, these are the best tiles to use if you are going for a more luxurious and contemporary look.

Look 4: The mosaic look. There are two types of mosaic tiles that you will find in the market. The first type is, of course, the traditional tiles that you commonly come across in bathrooms. They are available in many different colors and you can use them to create elaborate designs and patterns if you want to.