Stunning Italian Rustic Decor Ideas For Your Living Room 18Stunning Italian Rustic Decor Ideas For Your Living Room 18

The newest rage in decorating schemes is actually an old idea. Many people are now decorating their kitchens in the old Italian styles, such as from Tuscany and Umbria.

The earthy colors used in this type of decorating are becoming very popular and when mixed with some of the interesting reproductions of old world art and architectural features they really create a striking room. Here are some great ideas for giving your kitchen the look of the Italian countryside.

The landscape in the Tuscan countryside contains such colors as golds in the old walls and buildings, deep greens of the poplar trees and the bright colors of the pottery the region is famous for. For a genuine look, you don’t have to invest a lot; just buy one or two accent pieces of Majolica pottery and imitate the colors in this pottery in the rest of your kitchen. You will find that stones of slate or terracotta make perfect choices for flooring or counters, and will pick up the Tuscan colors of your pottery.

The lighting in this style is subdued and soft, and newer modern light fixtures would not work. One of the most popular style to recreate the ambiance you want is to choose light fixtures of wrought iron. You may want some brighter lighting in the work area, but a recessed light that does not interfere with the style would be a better idea than something in chrome or stainless steel.

You can find a lot of accessories in this style today since it has become such a popular style. But it is more fun and interesting, and you will have a more unique look if you shop around in antique stores for items that would complement the style and you could picture in an Italian kitchen. Pottery or ceramic bowls, water pitchers and vases can be of real Majolica pottery, or look like it. If you are replacing your dinnerware to go with the kitchen, a set of Majolica ware is a striking way to carry the look all the way through. Some other genuine touches that imitate the Italian kitchen is ropes of garlic hanging by a window, borders with grapevine designs, and a lot of greenery, preferable herbs and small plants in decorative pots.

Using these ideas, you can quickly create a charming kitchen that is warm and cozy and looks like the kitchens we admire in Italy. The rustic colors you desire can be created either by buying new accessories that are reproductions of Tuscan style, or you can scour the antique shops and find pieces that complement this style.