Fabulous Porch Design Ideas 34Fabulous Porch Design Ideas 34

Ever seen an impressive home? It’s most likely a house with an excellently landscaped front yard. This is the portion of your home that instantly makes an impression to your guest as well as the casual passerby.

It sets the ambiance of your home to those who are on the outside. It is for this reason that the front porch landscaping idea you’re going to implement matters a lot.

The front porch could be the place for you to chill out, entertain guests or it could simply be an additional feature to the design of your home. Whatever the case, the front porch serves as an entryway to your house and the first thing that guests and strangers alike will be able to notice.

If you are at the stage of going over landscaping ideas to implement on your front porch, it is best that you keep the following factors in consideration first:

Most porches would feature seats and a table. If you have a larger porch, you may opt to have more sets of seats of different designs. For example, you can have 1 set of wicker furniture of Victorian design and the other could be a children’s picnic set. This works well if you plan to have some family or friends over with children.

Another idea would be to place some Adirondack chairs to give a place to just relax an afternoon away enjoying the view from your front porch. Some would even have an ashtray placed conveniently near the smoking area. Whichever you decide, just make sure that the furniture you’re going to place on the porch complements well with the design of the house as well as the porch.

A landscape is never complete without any plants in place. Plants are what adds life and color to your front porch. Make sure you add plants that represent your style as well as the ambiance you want to achieve. Flowers generally make the ambiance lighter, more relaxing and refreshing.

If you are into container gardening, you can have a display of containers on your porch. Likewise, you can place pots in the steps of the stairs. Additionally, you may also consider planting some shrubs in front of your porch or have some of those hanging baskets on the roofline. With a nice display of plants around, I’m sure it’ll make your house more welcoming to guests.

A major consideration for your front porch design includes the painting as well as the lighting effect used. For the painting, make sure you use a color that blends well with the color of the main house. Another thing that adds character to the porch is the lighting used. Of course, you can use lighting that suits your preferences. Though, I strongly suggest you use those solar lighting or probably those tiki torches as those look good on front porches.