Awesome Modern Glass Railings Design Ideas For Stairs 13Awesome Modern Glass Railings Design Ideas For Stairs 13

It is possible to have a flight of stairs without stair railings. Of course, it can be very unsafe to go up and down the stairs without railings. In addition, stairs without railings are actually unattractive and can take away from the ambiance of your home decor.

In many homes, the staircase is usually the focal point of the lower level of the home. As you enter the home, your eyes are usually drawn to the staircase. In some homes, the staircase is very close to the foyer and entryway purposely for this reason.

In homes like these, adding an attractive railing to your staircase is one way to create a nice focal point. In some cases, the right one can even add value to your home. Functionally, handrails serve no purpose other than to hold up the balustrade of the staircase. They also serve to stabilize the stairs and provide an extra level of security for people going up and down the stairs. If they are at the right height, they can be used by adults and by children.

Stair railings have been used in homes for thousands of years. They have been found in homes and dated to about 6000 BC. Back in those days, stairs were made from tree trunks. Stairs were used for functional reasons back in those days. Primarily, stairs were used to help people get to higher ground to avoid unfriendly neighbors or predators. In China, stairs were used for religious purposes. According to tradition, it is said that Confucius climbed a granite stairway to his mountain retreat in order to meditate.

It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that a uniform system was designed in order to construct staircases and railings. A Scottish architect by the name of Peter Nicholson is widely credited with creating the system which is used by builders and craftsmen to create staircases.

At first, the cases were wooden. It wasn’t until the start of the 20th century that a Czech designer by the name of Eva Jiricna began experimenting with using glass, stainless steel, metal, and other modern materials to create staircases with a modern feel.

If your home is furnished with traditional items, you may want to purchase railings made from metal or wood. If you want to use modern materials, you can use metal, wood, stone, or even laminate. You can gather design ideas by looking online or by looking in design magazines. Using these sources, you can get ideas for creating an attractive yet functional handrail to accent your home.