Incredible Heavenly Moon Gate Design Ideas 12Incredible Heavenly Moon Gate Design Ideas 12

There are so many types of garden gates around these days that they can be both functional and great looking. No matter what your garden decor is like, you can find one that will meet all of your high expectations.

Gates can be made from wood, steel, iron and in some extreme cases even copper and brass! But no matter what the material used, it is important to treat the material correctly in order to ensure a long life span.

Garden gates can be made to open in almost any way that can be imagined. When it comes to small gates, often a two hinged, manual version is used. This can be opened either by sliding a small bolt or undoing a small catch. These smaller gates at times have a spring installed that causes the gate to close by itself.

Larger gates while also manual can have a small electronic motor attached which allows the person coming into the gate to press a remote button that results in the gate opening. Often these gates are on a rail and they slide to one side of the post but they can also have “arms” attached that result in the gates opening to the left and right-hand side of the entrance. These gates are often more expensive as they do look slightly more formal than the average rolling gate.

Garden gates allow us to keep some things in and others out and allow us to partition off areas within our gardens and set different themes. The versatility of the garden gates should not be underestimated. Without them, things may just be a little chaotic!