Inspiring Outer Space Bedroom Decor Ideas 16Inspiring Outer Space Bedroom Decor Ideas 16

Kids are fascinated with the stars and planets, and who can blame them? It’s staggering to think that those distant lights are actually countless suns and worlds spinning through the void.

You can bring some of that wonder inside, with boys outer space wall decor. It’s quick and easy to transform your child’s room into something amazing with the latest high-quality space wall decals; the lush colors and detailed designs will look like an artist painstakingly painted them by hand!

There are a wide variety of different space wall stickers for your budding astronomer. Make a model of the solar system, or build your child’s favorite constellation with one of many packages that contain stars! Mix and match stars for a richly textured look that will be great combined with galaxy wallpaper. You can even create new star systems all your own.

To create a space theme room with a specific color scheme, you can incorporate some of the more popular wall transfer circles to make asteroids and planets. Available in several colors, these are great for kids with a love of space and a favorite sports team or a lot of school spirit.

Kids love to imagine themselves as people doing amazing things, and with space wall decals, you can bring the worlds of their imagination right to them. Outer space wall mural kits include all the pieces you need to create a space shuttle launch for young astronauts, or an alien encounter, for your junior paranormal specialist.

One fun way to use space wall decals is to make your child’s room into an observatory or the inside of a spaceship! Use fantastically detailed spaceship window wall murals to create beautiful space vistas; you can combine them with other space cutouts to make your own scenes, or work with your child so they feel included in the process.

Involving your little boy makes a huge difference; when they have a hand in the process, kids feel a sense of pride in their rooms and have a chance to learn about home improvement first-hand. They will be truly excited to help build the space-themed room they’ve been dreaming of.

With the wall decor set up, you can move on to the details that make your room sing. For that extra special touch, take some time to install a spotlight illuminating your sun wall decal. A fleet of flying saucers or a spacewalk would make a great mobile, easily assembled with clear mono-filament hanging wire and action figures. Simply attach a strand of filament to each item so it hangs at the desired angle and tack them to the ceiling.