Fabulous Floral Arrangements Design Ideas 22Fabulous Floral Arrangements Design Ideas 22

Astable decorations, wedding bouquets or fun party pieces, floral arrangements are a great way to create a very special atmosphere. In addition, floral arrangements can be designed for all tastes and budgets, small three bloom posies or exotic floral arches can equally express your individual style.

Regardless of the event, all floral arrangements need a similar level of care if they are to remain in optimum condition. Fresh flowers require gentler handling than artificial flowers and will last for a much shorter length of time. Besides flower arrangements, you also definitely need flower bouquets for special events. You can get the best at Whatever the occasion, provides fresh, premium, florist-designed bouquets and arrangements.

Many fresh flowers need to be kept well-watered and in a position away from artificial sources of heat, direct sunlight and extremes of temperature. Artificial flowers are extremely long-lasting if given a little bit of care and as such are becoming extremely popular especially silk flowers which give a lovely, natural-looking display.

There are some general rules to follow for those of you who want to create your own floral arrangements. First, it is often helpful to use florists foam when creating a display, since this will keep your blooms in position and allow for greater precision when designing. Green foam is for fresh flowers and brown for artificial. Fresh flower stems always need to be in touch with water, otherwise, they will wilt, so it is important to soak the foam well before using and to regularly top up with fresh water. Sometimes cutting a small v-shaped notch at the top of the foam can make the topping up easier, particularly if the foam is almost as large as the container it rests in. And, difficult as it may be, resist the urge to use foam again, as you could then be putting your fresh flower stems into old holes where the water will not be able to reach.

Properly caring for cut flowers arranged in a vase or similar container can extend their life. It is good to use a clean container and add appropriate cut flower food. It pays to take away any shots or leaves which would be submerged in water as these would quickly rot. For those floral arrangements which need to have immediate short term impact e.g. wedding bouquets, use flowers which are at or almost at their full bloom; they won’t last long but they will look stunning. For those floral arrangements which you can enjoy over a longer time, those used in home decorating, for example, use cut flowers which are in bud or just beginning to open and then you will have the pleasure of watching them blossom.

Artificial flowers need much less care and attention. A gentle blow of the hair drier will easily remove dust and keeping the display away from direct sunlight will prevent fading. However, it might be helpful to consider the following if you are going to create your own artificial floral display. Since artificial flowers are quite light, you may well have to weight the bottom of the container, preferably with decorative items like shells, stones or sand, for a more permanent display, clear acrylic can be used. When arranging the individual flowers, try to think of how each one would naturally fall and shape it accordingly before adding it to your floral arrangement.

The vast majority of people, however, while prepared to arrange a few flowers in a vase, find the thought of creating floral arrangements for special occasions like weddings just too daunting. Fortunately, there are many professional florists who can design and create beautiful floral arrangements for you. It is, however, important to find the right florist, this can mean a little hard work, but the results will be worth it.

The choice of florist is as unique as the floral displays you want to create and choosing someone who’s style matches your own will mean that you are more likely to be satisfied with the result. So, if at all possible you should have a look at their previous work and check that they have designed displays similar to the one you have in mind. Equally important is communicating clearly your ideas to the florist and if you can show them pictures so much the better. Be specific on the colors and style of arrangement that you want, be it modern, elegant, etc.