Awesome River Rock Landscaping Ideas 07Awesome River Rock Landscaping Ideas 07

Your backyard has been the same for years, and you’ve decided to give it a new look. You’ve chosen to put in a modestly-sized brook and to give it the most natural appearance you can, will be finishing it with river rock landscaping.

Because you are new to river rock landscaping, however, you’ll need some suggestions which can be quickly and easily implemented.

Rustic Feel; Using river rocks when landscaping is no different from using ocean rocks; they are both popular among those who want to give their landscaping a rustic natural appearance. River rocks are very effective when used to border manmade brooks, but they have to wait until the brooks have been built.

Brook Basics; Brook installation goes far beyond digging a backyard trench and adding water. It includes installing a water circulation system; otherwise, the water will stagnate, becoming a breeding ground for insects, algae, and other health hazards hazards. To make sure its water circulates properly, you really need to have a professional install your backyard brook. You also need to consider the depth of your brook, especially if you have small children. And check your local zoning laws; many communities have strict rules about fencing around water.

Once your brook’s water is flowing freely, it’s time to devise a plan for your river rock landscaping. You can place the rocks in the brook’s channel to give it a more natural look, or you can arrange them along the edges of the brook. If you decide to place them along the edges, you can substitute faux river rocks for the real thing; they are more readily available, but your river rock landscaping may not look entirely natural.

Consider the Environment; While you may be thinking that river rocks are as near as the closest natural stream or river, you may be prohibited from gathering them because of environmental restrictions. Too many rivers and stream ecosystems are already in fragile condition; having people remove the rocks which offer protection for the wildlife that inhabits them will only make matters worse.