Inspiring Bird Bath Design Ideas For Front Yard 06Inspiring Bird Bath Design Ideas For Front Yard 06

If you are getting bored with your typical front yard that normally would be a patch of grass, a mailbox, and a garden flag. Just open your mind and with a small creativity, there are numerous front yard landscaping ideas that can be applied. Following are three simple ideas for your front yard landscaping which may make your neighbors envy about.

The first front yard landscaping ideas will be creating a fun place in your front yard. The idea here is to add stimulating objects that can attract wildlife such as birds and butterflies visiting your front garden naturally.

These can be done by adding a birdhouse or birdbath and planting shrubs and flowers. Naturally, all those beautiful and attractive insects will fly around your front yard landscape. A good example is by placing the birdbath in your yard and plants those colorful arrays of flowers around the base.

The appreciation of having a sitting space in your front yard creates a wonderful place to interact with neighbors, watch the daily happenings on your street or better still watching your kids while they play.

You can start creating a little sitting space in your garden by placing a bench under a tree or under a small shed. With little creativity, create some sort of isolated space or borders around this small area by surrounding it with different types of flowers and shrubs. Adding a few potted plants also a fantastic way can sine it gives you an option so that you can change the plants anytime and anyway you like.

The third front yard landscaping ideas is by mixing the perennials plants with the annuals plants. Perennials bloom year after year and can be propagated by division, making them an inexpensive way to add to your front yard landscape, and they are relatively maintenance-free. Perennials tend to bloom in succession, so you always have something blooming in your yard.

Annuals, on the other hand, give a continuous burst of color in your front yard, but they only last one season. They aren’t that expensive, so it isn’t hard to plant them each spring. Because of they only last one season, they are wonderful for people who like to try new things each year. By having a mix of perennials and annuals in your front yard, you get the best of both worlds.