Gorgeous Vertical Garden Ideas Wall Decor 02Gorgeous Vertical Garden Ideas Wall Decor 02

Vertical gardening is one of the most innovative and unique ways of decorating your worksite and house. It is one of the easiest and confinement ways of gardening in your house, without using enough space. Creating these living walls is fun, especially when you are crafting them for an urban space.

There are many ways of creating living walls; you can either buy readymade vertical gardening kits from the market or can also opt for some easy do-it-yourself projects. Creating your own living wall is a daunting task for many, but little innovation and excellent ideas can help you build a masterpiece.

Here are some easy and user-friendly ideas of creating vertical gardens; Framing pictures of your own and your family members for decorating the walls of your workplace and house is common, but framing a garden and using it to decorate your wall is something very creative and outstanding. These vertical gardens can act as a masterpiece of your living room or reception, helping you to bring a change in the look of your property.

Hanging Planter; Another interesting way of creating a living wall in your house is by making use of wooden planks. Hang around six or seven wooden planks in a row with ropes. Cut out holes in the plant, such that pots fit inside those holes easily but make sure that there is a minimum gap between two pots. Grow whatever plants you want in those pots and place them in the planter to give it an all-new look.

Gardening In Crates; Instead of throwing away the wooden boxes and crates from your house, use them to create something unusual and extraordinary. Make them a part of the garden and enhance the look of your house. place the old and unused crates in a pyramid shape and decorate them with colorful and varied plants creating an innovative structure.

Beatification of Ladders; If not crates and planters, you can also make use of your old ladder to create a vertical garden. This is one of the easiest and less constructive ways of creating your own living wall. Place the heaviest pots at the bottom and the delicate ones at the top. You can also color the ladders to make it look more beautiful and impressive.

Ornament your house with vertical gardens. No need for extra spaces, because now you can grow plants even on your walls other innovative areas.