Wonderful Yard No Grass Design Ideas 22Wonderful Yard No Grass Design Ideas 22

When people come by your house, the first thing that catches their eyes is your yard. The huge unused space surrounding your house can greatly impact your homes aesthetically. Homes that have bare-looking yards are unattractive and boring. It would seem life has been sucked away from land. Moreover, it could destroy the overall look of your home.

There are so many reasons why you should beautify your yard. For one, it can relieve stress. Two, you are building a safer place for your kids to play in. Three, this is a homeowner’s way of participating in the mission of halting global warming.

There are many things to consider in beautifying your yard. One of which is choosing whether to go for a grassy yard or a gravel yard. Some may say the former is better. However, there are also certain conditions why other people prefer to have the latter. Just to help you in making a decision, here are some facts to consider:

Grass Yards; You need to evaluate certain things before using grass for your yard. This is because you need to have the right mix of grass species that could survive various types of weather conditions. Examples of grass types that are perfect for warm seasons are Bahiagrass, Bermuda, and Zoysia. As for cold seasons, Bentgrass, bluegrass, and ryegrass would do fine for your yard.

You may also need to look into maintenance. Grass yards need to be maintained. However, various species of grass require different levels of care. Therefore, you need to know the level of maintenance required for each grass species to be able to keep its beauty all-year-round. Irrigation is also one of the main concerns in grass yards. For grass to look healthy all the time, it needs enough water to prevent them from getting dehydrated.

Gravel Yards; Gravel yards give the same look you see in parking lots or public parks. Stones and various rock forms are used in making them. People love gravel yards for their Zen-like effect. The natural color of stones has contrasting effects that have a calming effect when combined with plants. Moreover, they are less tedious to maintain. Some would recommend using a herbicide to preventing weed from growing.

However, gravel can be used concurrently with grass. In fact, they are good materials to use for reducing yard areas. Gravel and grass can be used to make state of the art yards or gardens.