The Best Backyard Summer Party Decorating Ideas 28The Best Backyard Summer Party Decorating Ideas 28

Party decorations can get messy in summer. It isn’t just about putting up or taking down lights and wreaths or mistletoe. Summer party décor means streamers, balloons, hats and sometimes even string cheese. There are easier and less messy decorations for a simple summer party which doesn’t involve you buying anything big or expensive.

A backyard summer party is a great time to fix the way your backyard looks and have it ready for entertaining guests. You need to re-landscape the whole thing but you can definitely clean it up a bit. Rearrange your potted plants and create a fun outdoor sitting area.

Use lawn chairs and complement it with throw pillows. Take ordinary plates to fill them with sand and stick candles and stuff in it to decorate the patio. You can even use them indoors and place them in unusual corners of the house to create interest.

Keep the food simple; serve all-time favorites like burgers and hot dogs that people love to eat. Plan everyday stuff for your guests to do like watching a movie. It’s a completely different experience when you watch with your friends, make sure you have lots and lots of popcorn; preferably buttered and salted.

Don’t forget strawberries and smoothies; it just isn’t summered without them. You can put out chocolate-covered bananas and chocolate strawberries for your guests as a dessert or as something they can snack on when they arrive. Keep all the drinks chilled and if you happen to have a sprinkler, a summer party is a great time to use it.