Wonderful Modern Coastal Bedroom Decoration Ideas 10Wonderful Modern Coastal Bedroom Decoration Ideas 10

The traditional British coastal look is timeless, stylish and easy to achieve the look. Here I examine a few different ways to transform your room.

A Teenage Girl’s Dream. Teens, especially girls will love the coastal look. They turn into big girls quicker than you can imagine and will begin to demand to be able to add their stamp on their bedroom from an earlier and earlier age.

The easiest way to accommodate their thoughts is to let them choose from a limited color palette from the start. As they grow, they will adapt the room to match their tastes, but the base room will remain stylish and modern. Add the coastal look by adding strong areas of white with a little floral print to contrast. Lighthouse stripe designs are great for adding the bold colors needed for the seaside chic.

Magical Kids Cabins. If you have some unused attic space or a box room, these are great to transform into a coastal cabin. A magical coastal den is perfect for children to let their imagination run wild. Start by whitewashing the whole room. It doesn’t matter about doing a great job, the coastal look is about the rustic charm. Decorate the room with bunting which is not only great fun but helps define the edges to stop bumped heads. Throw in a giant cushion and they’ll spend hours simply lounging about. Mix and match some coastal bed linen and your kids will adore it while they dream of distance adventures.

Lighthouse Stripes are essential to creating the coastal look then team with a fun print and accessories like small boats, fishing nets or old buoys for an original twist. Giant cushions are simply fantastic for children to curl up on and disappear into a world of their own. Buying an Outdoor cushion will also give you the opportunity to take it out with you on days out to the beach or camping expeditions.