The Best Front Porch Ideas For Summer Decorating 22The Best Front Porch Ideas For Summer Decorating 22

Front porch designs are usually modeled after a home’s architecture – such as country, contemporary, or perhaps a Victorian style. The style of a porch should fit the architectural style of the home as much as possible. Otherwise, it will look out-of-place and not give you the curb appeal you need.

But just as important, when deciding the style of porch you want, consider and plan for its true purpose. How will your porch be used? Many builders give little consideration to the porch although that is changing across the country.

Many of us are opting for a porch that is both appealing and functional. The stoop just doesn’t do it. So begin by determining what you will mostly be doing on your porch. Whether building a new porch or updating an existing one, the cost is always a factor. That given, make the most of what you are able to afford.

We know someone who is going to demolish an existing long and narrow porch to rebuild another one. We advised them to make it wide enough to accommodate a porch swing and give ample playroom for their three children. The porch can then accommodate not only their family comfortably but their kids’ friends as well! They will also potentially have space for a conversation area for adults. They are going to incorporate these ideas into a country style porch that will be approximately nine feet wide.

Once you have identified your porch’s primary purpose, determine what you will need. For decorating, purposes additional electrical outlets (on the porch and perhaps in the soffits) would be ideal. If you want more privacy to consider its location and landscaping around your porch. If you love to listen to soft music on your porch, consider outdoor speakers.

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