Inspiring Spring Planters Design Ideas For Front Door 20Inspiring Spring Planters Design Ideas For Front Door 20

The front door of your house is one of the very first things that people see when they come to visit you. It is one of the most important aspects when it comes to your house’s curb appeal, yet many people neglect to decorate their front door or don’t take the time to make it special.

Here are some tips for decorating your front door that will be sure to give people a good first impression about your home and to make your entrance warm and inviting.

One of the easiest ways to spruce up your front door to your house is to paint it. One of the most popular colors these days for front doors is red because it really packs a punch and can make your house look more interesting. If you have a house that is painted or sided with neutral colors, painting your front door red is a great way to make a first impression.

If your house colors won’t go red, choose a color that compliments your house and paint your door that color instead. For the most part, dark colors like black, deep brown or red tend to make more of an impact and make your front door a greater visual element of your home. To really add interest try painting the edge of the door a different color than the center or the panels of the door.

If you have a door with windows in it, you may want to consider replacing the windows with stained glass panels or gluing stained glass directly to them to create a glass mosaic. This is a wonderful way to class up your door while adding an artistic element to your home that helps to set it apart from others in your neighborhood.