Fabulous Japanese Traditional House Design Ideas 08

Although many different types of housing can be seen in Japan, generally the living area is smaller than in other countries.

Some houses are designed and furnished in a Western style, but most still retain the traditions of earlier housing styles.

For bedding I slept on a Futon which I had to lay and fold away everyday so that I could have room to use my room. A Futon is just a thin mattress with a sheet and something similar to a doona. I actually still use a futon even though I no longer live in Japan.

You can only really use a Futon if you have Tatami flooring. Tatami are heavy rush mats that cover the more formal rooms and bedrooms in a house. Neither shoes or slippers can be worn while walking on Tatami. Furniture is generally not placed on Tatami. Instead square cushions are used as seats.

Some houses have a Tokonoma in a Tatami room. A Tokonama is a display area for beautiful objects and seasonal ornaments such as flower arrangements and hanging scrolls. Guest or visitors are always seated nearest the tokonoma.