Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas 31Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas 31

A traditional Christmas tree is the ultimate seasonal decoration. Not only does the presence of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree bring the spirit of the season into a room, but it also creates a center for festivities.

Christmas tree decorating ideas should involve all of the family. It’s the perfect time to spend time together and to give your kids some responsibility.

Before you get to the fun bit, you need a good tree. Pick out a vibrant green, healthy tree that will fit easily in the place where you are going to put the tree. It should be big enough to look impressive, but not so large that you can’t get it through the door! Too large a Christmas tree won’t give you enough room to move around it. Pick carefully.

Place the tree’s stump in a supply of water, straight after freshly cutting the base. This will optimize the longevity of the tree’s life and reduce the number of pins dropped from the branches. The water will need constant checking and topping up for the first couple of days. Having an older child be responsible for making certain the tree has enough water at all times, helps them feel part of the festivities for the whole time the tree is up.

Once your Christmas tree is in place and being well looked after, it’s time to get decorating! Begin with adding Christmas lights. White LED lights can be purchased as long strands of static bulbs, or with options to make them twinkle, fade etc. The difference in price isn’t huge and the lights with different settings provide a bit of extra fun for the family.

Before you string your lights around the tree, verify that every bulb works. Start winding the lights around the tree, working out from the inside. When you’re finished, the lights should be spread evenly around the tree and looking very festive.